Privacy Policy

Information received via the forms on this website will be used by the Panel to process applications and / or respond to queries in relation to the distribution of a discretionary number of Community Passes released each year by Body&Soul.

The information that is submitted via this website is forwarded on a voluntary basis. Information received shall be shared with members of the Panel through means of a secure, shared database. This will allow Panel members to consider applications and undertake any checks deemed necessary. Such checks may include web based searches and the findings thereof may be added as supplementary notes on an application. If an application is successful, supporting research will be deleted and only the initial application will be retained. This information may in turn be shared with the organisers of Body&Soul.

Should an application be rejected, ALL information submitted in the initial application and gathered through any subsequent checks, will be deleted within one calendar month of the festival closing.

Where an application has been successful, the applicant's name, email address and mobile number will be added to secure third party databases for the purposes of issuing text messages and emails relating to the physical distribution of the Passes. Applicants are reminded that they agreed to this on submission of their application. 

On completion of the process, a list of successful applicants will be published. This will include the name of the group and the name of the person that filed the successful application. Personal contact information will not be included on that list.

With the exception of the applicant's name, organisation name and email address, all information will be deleted from the database within one calendar month of the festival closing. The remaining information will be deleted once an invitation to apply for the following years' allocation has been sent. 

When you visit this website, a small amount of information will be captured. This information includes your browser type, the country you are visiting from and how you used the website. This information cannot be used to identify you.

IP Addresses
When a user completes a contact form on this website, the user's IP address will be captured. This is for security purposes only. This information will be deleted within one month of the festival closing date.