Meeting Agenda For Wednesday 10th April

The Body&Soul production team will host a residents meeting on Wednesday 10th April at 7pm at the Darnley Lodge Hotel, Athboy.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

1. Body&Soul 2019 Festival – Avril Stanley, Festival Director, will inform residents about 2019 festival programming.

2. Site and Operations – We will discuss the process surrounding delivery of barriers for driveways, and other concerns raised by residents.

3. Traffic Management Plan – Megan Best, Event Operations, will present the traffic management plan for this year and inform residents of changes in site layout.

4. Community Contribution Tickets – The Community Committee will inform residents about community ticket allocations from 2018 and how to apply for the 2019 allocation.

5. Residents Communications Pre, During & Post Festival – Kyle Martin, Administrator & Residents Liaison, will give residents the contact details for pre, during and post festival.

6. Next Meeting in June – Body&Soul team will arrange next meeting with residents.

7. Any other business.