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Don’t Miss Your Chance To Claim Passes For YOUR Group!

Fifty applications* have already been received for this year’s allocation of Passes to Body&Soul at Ballinlough Castle on Sunday 23rd June.

You have until Friday 10th May so if your group has not yet applied, there is still PLENTY of time. And relax, these Passes are NOT allocated on a first come first served basis.

A Few Points Arising From Applications & Queries Received So Far

  1. Your group MUST be based in and provide services to Athboy, Clonmellon, Crowenstown or Delvin
    We know that there are many, many worthy causes operating outside of these areas but these Passes are specifically for use by organisations based in the areas that physically border the festival site and that provide facilities, services or activities to other people in these areas. We acknowledge this will disappoint some of you but we hope you understand.
  2. There are NO paper application forms
    ALL applications must now be submitted online. This is to reduce wastage and to ensure that groups provide us with correct information.
  3. Please complete your application fully
    Give us the information we need to validate that your group meets the criteria specified by Body&Soul.
  4. You must accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
    At the bottom of the form is a consent box. You must tick this box to enable the “submit” button. You cannot submit an application without doing this. We’re not going to sell your information and you are not signing away your property! In essence, you are giving us permission to process your application through to completion and you are agreeing that once Passes are allocated and collected, our role is done. It’s a bit more elaborate than this but there’s nothing shady in what we are asking from you.

If you have any questions relating to the process, you may find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Select the area you are applying from: Athboy | Clonmellon | Crowenstown | Delvin

*receipt of an application does NOT guarantee that Passes will be awarded to your group.