If you live in the immediate vicinity of Ballinlough Castle and you have a specific query or concern, you can contact the festival team using the form on this page.

Please include your Eircode in any initial contact so that your location can be pinpointed. This will help them to address any concerns you have and factor in any specific arrangements. 



Two open meetings take place in the run up to the festival. These offer residents from the wider local community a chance to address queries, concerns and feedback direct to senior members of the production team. The team are also available to answer questions privately if you do not wish to address them in front of other attendees.   

Next Meeting
The date of the next meeting will be shared here when announced.

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    Live Event Contacts

    A 24 hour Resident Hotline will be available from 9am on Friday 16th June to 6pm on Monday 19th June. Any queries regarding festival operations (traffic, noise, littering etc) can be routed through the hotline which is manned by the event controllers.


    Public Order Issues

    If you experience or witness trespassing on private land or anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of the festival venue, please call Delvin Garda immediately on 086 858 3049, or the Mullingar Control Unit on 044 938 4000.