Frequently Asked Questions

It's likely that any questions you have will have been asked before so a complete list of these Frequently Asked Questions has been shared below. 

We would ask that you read these BEFORE completing your application.

What Is Available?

70 pairs of Sunday Passes, valid on June 18th 2023 only, during opening hours. Each Pass will admit ONE adult (over the age of 21). The festival team will advise regarding admission of children under 12. 

Please note that Sunday Passes do NOT include camping and that alcohol cannot be brought in. 

Why Do We Need To Apply?

We want to ensure that the organisations who want these Passes will have the fairest chance of getting them. Having an application process in place allows both established and new causes to apply without prejudice and it broadens the range of needs and interest groups who will benefit from them.

Who Can Apply?

Examples Of Those Who CAN Apply

  • Community-led fundraising campaigns to provide equipment / facilities for local use in one of the areas listed  
  • Public benefit events for medical treatment, support or essential services for a named local individual
  • Open drama, art, dance groups with unpaid leaders 
  • Sports clubs / teams with unpaid members
  • Voluntary community development groups – e.g. Tidy Towns, Active Retirement etc  
  • Resident associations that are PPN registered

Examples Of Those Who CANNOT Apply

  • Applications from persons or causes who do not live in or provide a service to one of the areas listed 
  • Businesses
  • Private individuals looking for Body&Soul tickets
  • Private causes – i.e. where a fundraising effort or public event is NOT taking place
  • Private organisations – e.g. clubs that are NOT open to public membership
  • Political movements

I Don't Live / Run A Group In The Area - Why Can't I Apply? 

Body&Soul is a major festival and a fair amount of local disruption comes along with it - heavy traffic, road closures, diversions, security checkpoints, noise pollution etc. The festival works to offset the inconvenience in a number of practical ways, but they also want to give back to the communities that are most impacted during pre, live and post production. If you live in Mullingar (as an example) you are not being affected by any of this. That's why you cannot apply.

Can I Use The Passes Myself?


How Can The Passes Be Used?

The Passes must be used for the betterment of the organisation on whose behalf you are applying. This can be through fundraising (e.g. a raffle or auction that is open to members / the public) or group promotion (e.g. a Facebook draw to raise awareness of the organisation). We have also allocated Passes to organisations that assist people with intellectual and / or physical challenges who want to give their clients a day out at the festival.

We cannot stress how important it is to tell us how you intend to use any Passes awarded to you! It isn't necessary to write an essay, but be honest and tell us your plans and if you meet the criteria and we can help you, we will.

Who Decides How The Passes Are Allocated?

A local Panel manages the application process on behalf of Body&Soul, checking the validity of applications received and ensuring that the Passes released by Body&Soul are shared out fairly. The Panel is in regular contact with the production team and the owners of Ballinlough Castle and will share with them a summary of all applications received, including any that are rejected for whatever reason. 

Do You Check All The Applications?

Yes. We check all applications to ensure that they are valid and that the causes named do exist. We take every reasonable step possible to ensure that the recipients are who they say they are and that any Passes allocated to them will benefit the causes named. We take it seriously - and the production team expects nothing less from us. 

How Can I Make My Application More Effective?

It's simple - complete your application fully and ensure your contact details are correct! Don't use your application to attack the festival or other causes - or to complain about not being awarded Passes before. Give us positive information about what YOUR group does and include links to recent work / achievements. Give us a reason to want to award Passes to you - and if we can, then we will. 

The Application Form Isn't Working! What Should I Do?

Firstly, the application form IS working! Some fields are mandatory (i.e. you must complete them) and others may have a minimum number of characters required - i.e. you need to enter more information. 

Who Is Responsible For Arranging Fundraising / Publicity?

It is up to the receiving organisation to organise any fundraising or promotion activity relating to the disposal of any Passes awarded to it. 

When Can We Start Fundraising / Publicity?

Submitting an application does NOT guarantee that your organisation will receive Passes. In addition, previous recipients should not assume that they will receive Passes this year. PLEASE WAIT until you receive written (email) confirmation from us that Passes are being allocated to you before undertaking any fundraising or other activity in which these Passes are being offered. 

When Will The Passes Be Issued?

We understand that the Passes will be in paper format and will be released to us when our final list has been submitted. We will contact successful applicants BY EMAIL when they are available for collection and will aim to get them out as quickly as possible. 

Can You Post The Passes To Us?

No. If your organisation applies for Passes and a pair is allocated to you, a representative of the organisation will be required to collect and sign for them. To avoid wastage, any Passes that are not collected by SUNDAY 4TH JUNE will be reallocated. 

Can You Sell Them On Our Behalf?

No. You can however ask the local community websites to share a post from your organisation's Facebook and help you spread the word that they are available. 

How Much Are The Passes Worth?

We have been advised that Sunday Passes will be worth €100 each in 2023. They will go on general sale in May. Please see

Is There A Cash Alternative?


When Will The Passes Be Valid?

Passes will be valid on ​Sunday 18th of June 2023 ONLY. No admission will be granted to the festival site outside of general admission times. 

Are There Any Admission Policies?

Yes - and all regular festival admission policies will apply to Pass holders. Please see

Are Children Permitted?

Yes. Children under 12 will be admitted. A children's ticket will generally be required (at extra cost) but we have asked the team to review this for the Community Contribution scheme and will update when advised.

What If The Festival Is Cancelled?

It is highly unlikely that the festival will be cancelled but we would encourage all Pass recipients to factor this risk in when selling / promoting these Passes. We cannot assist with this. Passes are issued by Body&Soul and the local Panel will not offer any compensation for any losses incurred.

Where Will This Be Advertised?

Posters will be displayed in local shops and availability will be promoted on community websites, social media services and appropriate printed media in each of the catchment areas. Each of 2022's successful applicants was also contacted via mailing list and invited (without prejudice) to apply again this year.

Why Didn't I Get Passes?

We do not contact unsuccessful applicants or offer explanations for individual decisions. Sorry, but we just don't have the time. We do try to ensure that the limited number of Passes we receive are allocated as fairly as possible. We always refer to the previous years' allocations when making hard decisions and try to give everyone a fair chance. If you met the criteria and were unlucky this year, maybe you will be luckier next year. 

I'm Not Happy! Can I Appeal?

Our decision is final. You may refer to Body&Soul if you wish but they will likely refer back to us and our answer will remain unchanged.

My Group Has Received Passes But I Never Heard About Them

We cannot police how Passes are used but we actively encourage members of the organisations that receive them to ask their respective committees how they were used, and if sold - how much was contributed to group funds through their disposal.

We reserve the right to blacklist any organisation that we believe has abused this process, including reference to the event promoters. 

I Have Another Question

If you have a general question that is not answered above, you can contact us using the form on this page. 

Queries sent via this form are only monitored when the application process is open. 

Please note that if your query is already covered on this page, an individual response will not be issued.

For the latest information about Body&Soul - including line-up, general ticket enquiries and admission policies, please visit the official Body&Soul Website.

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