Financial Donation

2019 Financial Contributions

In addition to the Community Contribution Passes, Body&Soul makes an annual financial donation each year to local causes. We are delighted to announce that the following are to receive a share of this year’s financial contribution.

Annmarie Kelly
Delvin resident, Annmarie Kelly, suffers from Lyme Disease – a relatively rare but always severe condition that is spread by ticks. Annmarie was ill for a number of years, during which her condition was misdiagnosed. The delay allowed the disease to become “chronic” and she will now require specialist treatment to manage her condition. She will shortly travel to a specialist clinic in Cyprus to undergo an intensive four week treatment programme.

Gavin Long
Athboy resident, Gavin Long, suffers from a rare form of cancer which affects the small bowel and liver. He has been getting a monthly injection to treat the liver but on the 1st November last year, the family were advised that Gavin will need to travel to Sweden for treatment as it is not available in Ireland or the UK.

We wish Annmarie and Gavin well with their treatments.